The Center for Digital Forensic Studies

Research. Investigate. Disrupt.


The Center for Digital Forensic Studies is a unique pro bono* cyber research and training boutique that takes a forensic approach to solving difficult problems in cyberspace.

The Center for Digital Forensic Studies applies sophisticated tools and techniques to solve difficult research, analytical, legal and intelligence gathering problems in cyberspace and to train organizations to become self-supporting...

We tend toward helping organizations solve the tough problems that have resisted solution by the organization itself or other consulting or investigative organizations. CDFS is uniquely positioned for this challenge due to the extensive research and experience level of its director and principal investigator.  The Center operates as a non-profit entity pouring all revenues back into supporting its research. It is NOT, however, designated as a 501(c)(3) entity by the IRS. CDFS is wholey woman-owned organization.

We specialize in solving difficult research problems in a few selected areas:

  • Cyber criminology
  • Cyber jurisprudence, cyber law and cyber crime analysis
  • Analysis of completed cyber investigations for completeness and correctness
  • Cyber threat analysis and research ("threat hunting")
  • Training
CDFS focuses on supporting law enforcement agencies and on training organizations in threat hunting, cyber law/cyber crime, cyber intelligence, and threat analysis.  We have provided support on a pro bono basis to local, state and federal law enforcement and other government agencies and fusion centers. We have provided training to a wide variety of students and our principle investigator developed the cyber forensics program for America's oldest private military college where he founded and was director of the Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics.  CDFS duplicates the forensics mission of that center and provides services at no or little cost to client agencies.  CDFS is completely supported by industry partners who provide the tools required to carry out the CDFS mission.

* Services with the exception of training are provided at little or no cost to the client. There never is a charge for services to law enforcement. Expense reembursement usually is negotiable.